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Fertilizer mixer

Do you want to give your plants the right nutrition, growth and a good look? Then the fertilizer mixer is important.

We develop and produce our Danish brand fertilizer mixers.

The quality and precision is the same. Our systems mix the water with the exact amount of fertilizers. It controls the EC and pH value stand-alone or controlled by your climate computer. It measures, what the plants really receives.

Technical advice and guidance

We can calculate which type and size fertilizer mixer that will suit your needs best. If necessary, we will create exactly the kind of mixer that you need. If required we can supply the complete system with filters, piping works, water re-use, controls and UV water disinfection if required.

Our program is wide and divided to fit your capacity- and controlling demands.

Contact us, and let us mix the best solution for you.

Fertilizer mixer
Contact fertilizer mixer

Xander van der Zande​

Mobile: +31 650277510



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DK-5750 Ringe


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