100 years of Danish and 

Dutch experience combined

About DanDutcH

DanDutcH ApS is a partnership with combined more than 100 years of Danish and Dutch horticultural experience. Dutch design with a Danish quality product.


The 3 shareholders Jacob Sørensen, Xander van der Zande and Bo Jørgensen of DanDutcH export the products of Staal&Plast A/S and Danvan A/S to the installers and distributors in Asian countries. DanDutcH is the exclusive distribution channel to Asia.


From left to right Jacob Sørensen, Xander van der Zande, Bo Jørgensen.


We want to assist and develop together with our local installer. We want to share our dedicated horticultural experiences in order to improve the yield of the grower.

We can create the most efficient way of irrigating the plants together with the installer by our flexible approach and wide scope of supplies.

Additional service

Xander van der Zande is the advisor and CEO of DanDutcH.

Xander was raised in a greenhouse family in Holland. His father was a respected tomato grower and he has built up his professional experience since 2002 by supplying horticultural installations and equipment to mainly Asian countries. He can help you with:

  • Sales assistance with the installer to the growers

  • Develop (irrigation) and cultivation plans for the greenhouse

  • Design of greenhouse logistics

  • Training and service

  • Complementary products

    • Irrigation equipment, filters, valves​

    • Crop rotation equipment, bio shredders

    • Hydraulic pipe-rail scissor lift trolleys

    • Spraying equipment

    • Screening and ventilation

    • Climate, cooling and heating

    • Substrate growing medium


Complete irrigation systems


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Xander van der Zande

Partners DanDutcH

Xander van der Zande​

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