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MGS and Multilayer Verticals 

Increase production in greenhouse and nurseries

We produce and supply automatic gutter systems which are specially designed for greenhouses and nurseries.

We offer special gutter systems for:

  • Lettuce and all other leafy greens like spinach and paksoi

  • Herbs like basil, mint and dill

  • Pot Plants like aloe vera and succulent

The production area is optimized and the production will increase in numbers of harvested units. Thereby the expenses for energy and salaries per harvested unit is reduced, with a higher yield.

We are ready to deliver a quality product for a competitive price. In all Asian countries.

Contact us for an estimated yield per day on a system installed in your greenhouse.

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Xander van der Zande​

Mobile: +31 650277510



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DK-5750 Ringe


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